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Champion By Design is Level OG, and scientifically, the greatest peak performance mental strength programming in the world. Fully tested, State, NCAA, US Open, World and Olympic Champion approved. Home of Champion Mindset Peak Performance systems. Improve wellness and boost: Peaking, confidence, focus, recovery. The proven and trusted GOLD standard in wrestling. Fully tested… PROFESSIONAL OLYMPIC & WORLD CHAMPION APPROVED. This is science, beyond mindset. “I feel my confidence level is up about ten more notches. You really just focus in on yourself, not the hype. It’s off the chain! It’s called” -Henry Cejudo, Olympic Champion, UFC Champion, Author, Inspiration, “Enrique Montiel, Champion By Design, amazing. They are always supportive of me. I have a sick support team.” -Nick Suriano, NCAA Champion and Olympic Team Hopeful, “I got first. Tulsa Nationals. It was awesome! When I did Champion By Design I had an out of body experience. I was pumped up ready to go.” -Jaydin Eierman, Pan-American Games Bronze Medalist and Olympic Team Hopeful, “I need to thank Enrique Montiel at Champion By Design Wrestling for helping with my mindset when it comes to the sport.” -Dayton Pitzer, State Champion, “I participated in the research and witnessed this system enhance 2008 Olympic Champion Cejudo’s performance in China.” -Kevin Jackson, Olympic and World Champion, “Fascinating tools that have helped me gain insights into myself and others. A most amazing experience. Enrique’s work was taught me that there is more and that there is another whole level that I can achieve. This experience has enhanced my life further any helping me uncover a whole other level that I can achieve. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to create transformation in their life.” -Robert Wolfson, MD, PhD, “I want to express my gratitude to Champion By Design and for working with us on what is one of the most elusive and thorniest aspects of peak wrestling performance - mental preparation/training.” -Leo Kocher, Head Coach of Wrestling, The University of Chicago, “I listen to my Champion By Design to go on the mat and wrestle my match.” -Spenser Mango, 2X Olympian, 6X World Team Member, 7X US Open Champion, World University Champion, “I attribute it all to just what I had in my mind. I really was talking to myself. All I was repeating in my head is what I was hearing in those headphones. I was in the zone. I was saying exactly what I was hearing. I beat some of the best guys in the nation. And I attribute its all to Champion By Design.” -Eric Albarracin, Captain Americas, UFC TUF Brazil Coach, Pit Bull Brothers Coach, Henry Cejudo Coach, Former Head Wrestling Coach at Team Nogueira, Greatest combat coach of all time, “If you could change your belief systems, and this is what the Champion By Design program does, you are gong to have so much more success.” -Stephen Neal, 3X NFL Super Bowl Champion, World Champion Wrestler, FILA World Wrestler of the Year, 2X NCAA Champion, Hodge Trophy Award Winner, Distinguished Member National Wrestling Hall of Fame, “I’ve made some great changes this year and had a ton of hep. One tool that I have been using is my Champion By Design program. Positive thinking helps to achieve positive results… work on the mental part of your game.” -Daniel Cormier, 2X Olympian, UFC Champion, “I am getting my mental game down with different Champion By Design tracks that I listen to getting ready up to the World Championships. I’ve been using CBD since I made a turning point.” -Shawn Bunch, US World Team Member, National Champion, PRO MMA Fighter, “With Champion By Design and working with Enrique, I feel that it’s put me to a new level. I believe in it. It’s taught me to open my mind and learn to think a different way.” -Danny Felix, US World Team Member, National Champion, Contemporary artist, “The untapped resource of athletes is the mental game and Champion By Design addresses that better than anything I’ve ever seen.” -Bobby Douglas, America’s Coach, 2X Olympian, 2X World Silver Medalist, 2X Olympic Team Caoch, “I want to thank Champion By Design for hooking me up with the program. You know what you are doing. It was great before competition.” -Faruk Sahin, US World Team Member, National Champion, “Champion By Design came out in the third round when I needed it!” -King Mo Lawal, World Light Heavyweight Champion (Strikeforce), US World Team Member, National Champion, “Champion By Design (@championXdesign), my secret weapon. Arma secreto! Sguem pro favor!” -Rodrigo ‘Big Nog’ Nogueira @minotauromma, Legendary UFC PRO MMA Champion, “Champion By Design (@championXdesign), will be my weapon of choice for UFC Sweden.” -Rogerio ‘Little Nog’ Nogueira @minotauromma, Legendary UFC PRO MMA Fighter, “Champion By Design has really been helping me with my drive and focus.” -Glenn Garrison, 2X US Open Champion, 4X Olympic Trials Placewinner. Are you on this list? You could make this list. Unlock your full potential, be CHAMPION BY DESIGN. Start now!


Slick design. Use any handheld Android or iOS device. All that is needed is an internet connection. CLICK BLUE ICON BELOW TO WATCH SHORT VIDEO (#1).

Self Paced Design

You decide how you want to do it. I am the director of the new story of my life. Take the "Power" back from "Personal Power." CLICK BLUE ICON BELOW TO WATCH SHORT VIDEO (#2).

Proven Technology

The technology in this program has been used in CHAMPION efforts at State, National, World and Olympic Games. CLICK BLUE ICON BELOW TO WATCH SHORT VIDEO (#3).

Steady Gains

So simple to use you will use it. Fits perfectly into your achievement oriented lifestyle. Maximizing your potential. CLICK BLUE ICON BELOW TO WATCH SHORT VIDEO (#4).


This platform was created using a powerful human potential engine that has helped many people from all walks of life to realize more of their potential. The very same original and premier high performance programming this system is built on is utilized and celebrated in high profile victories on global media channels such as ESPN, ESPN+, ESPNU, UFC, Bellator, Pay Per View, Olympic Games, UWW, IJF, US Opens, NBC, Comcast Corp.

What In The World?

We help you be your most awesome and powerful self. Then we help you maintain it. The Mindset Train system helps you optimize your mind-body potential. Over time, you can experience a metamorphosis.

Easy to Use

At your pace and on your time, our channel is a space for you to swim into deep waters and discover who you really are. 24/7 access makes it possible for you to tap your personal power at your fingertips.

Works Everywhere

Mindset Train is designed to work on any handheld internet connected device. It is so simple to use you can be up and running in under 2 minutes. Groundbreaking.

Great Performance

You know you are capable of more. 2X to 5X the pace of your learning mastery potential. You know there is more inside of you. Get on the Mindset Train today!

Mindset Train Can Help Anyone

Change your thinking change your life. Get out of your own way. This program is like vitamins for your mind. When would now be the best time to take the next step in your success journey? Get on the Mindset Train today!


Are you excited about this? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You deserve to operate on optimized levels. This is like vitamins for your brain. Get on the Mindset Train! If you are wondering WHAT THE F*** AM I DOING HERE? Go HOME in menu and find out. The time we all have is equal, what we do with that time is a choice. Winning is a learned behavior. Success is a lifestyle. To begin now click on the START MINDSET TRAIN button below.

Action changes our lives. Success is a process that is made not born. The time is now.

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Cutting edge technology

It is a fact that technology is more and more a part of our lives. This is why choosing wisely how to use technology as a life enhancement system is necessary. Works on any handheld Android or iOS device. All that is needed is an internet connection. WATCH SHORT VIDEO (#5), click READ MORE button below now.

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Self-paced programming

You can choose the pace of your personal transformation and evolution. Day or night, actively or passively, you select what you do and how much of it. Personal power training has never been so perfect to access. WATCH SHORT VIDEO (#6), click READ MORE button below now.

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Tons of Empowering Features and Updates

This system is truly revolutionary on both the front end user experience and on the back deployment. Everything you need to bring a boost into your life is here. WATCH SHORT VIDEO (#7), click READ MORE button below now.

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Try Mindset Train risk free! We are off the hook! We have lost it. We're not holding back. It is action that changes our lives. We know that you will experience positive changes when you use this system. Be right in the mind and put it all on the line. Get on the Mindset Train today! If you take action right now, tomorrow it will make a difference in your mindset. Click START MINDSET TRAIN now to get started.