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Are you next? Out of the many are you the one?

In this program learn the 12 SECRET FUNDAMENTAL CHAMPION MINDSET SUCCESS SKILLS. Gear up for the coming season with Champion By Design, the Gold standard in human potential development training. A special proficiency certificate will be issued at completion. Space is limited. Lock yourself in today.

• Pre-Season preparation training.

• A special proficiency certificate will be issued at completion.

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Winning is a habit!
-Coach Enrique Montiel, All-American

Winning is important to you. A lot is riding on the performance of the coaches, athletes, staff, and parents. What if I told you there was a way to 500X to 1000X the gains you make from the effort that you take? Nothing feels like winning. You are receiving this message now to start to learn about the real science of winning by design. 

The mind is the final frontier of success.
-Coach Bobby Douglas, ICON

My name is Coach Enrique Montiel, veteran Peak Human Potential expert and former All-American with the Sunkist Kids wrestling club. I was fortunate to have been able to have competed alongside legends like Zeke Jones, Kendall Cross, Rulon Gardner, Cael Sanderson, Matt Lindland, and many other greats from that era. Your email came across me and I am writing regarding the important work that I do to help people realize their goals and dreams on and off the field. 


Champion By Design put me through some crazy stuff.
-Henry Cejudo

Ten years ago, after helping USA Wrestler Henry Cejudo with his historic Olympic Gold Medal performance in Beijing, my company introduced to the public the Champion By Design life enhancement systems series of programming. We announced ourselves to Wrestling, and to the World, by securing the US Open Presenting Sponsor slot for the event. We received amazing ESPN coverage. 

All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.
-Nick Suriano, NCAA Champion

This year, a decade of training his mind with our life enhancement systems helped Nick Suriano realize a lifelong dream of becoming the NCAA Champion at the toughest weight class in the country. The champion by design mindset training technology helped Suriano avenge three season losses and earn the national title honor as an underdog in the tournament. The victory cast Suriano as the first NCAA Champion in Rutger University’s school history. 



Mindset is everything.
-Russell Brunson, All-American & Serial Entrepreneur

I want you to know the secret weapon that these two champions, and many many others, have used to get a competitive edge that changed their lives forever. Timing is everything. The secret lies in your PRE-SEASON. What you do in the PRE-SEASON determines your in-season results. PRE-SEASON CHAMPION BY DESIGN MINDSET TRAIN is a comprehensive course to prime your mind, body and spirit. Perfect for athletes, coaches, teams, parents, and staff. 

Success is the result of action on the tracks of an effective plan.
-Coach Enrique Montiel

You don’t need to be perfect to win. You do have to be right in the mind. Your PRE-SEASON will determine your IN-SEASON results. We believe so much in our program that we are offering you a 100% satisfaction guarantee if after going through our course you are unsatisfied in any way. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Select your program:
I am a:
Primary’s name, cell & email:
What is your biggest goal?

Mindset : Winning